…flees after armed neighbour fires shots in the airThree armed bandits beat and robbed a family on the Corentyne TuesdayMr Shivraj points to the gate in his backyard where the bandits entered and leftaround 19:30 hrs.Deodat Ramjit, his wife and her sister were all subjected to the beating and robbery that occurred at their Lot 639 Topoo, Albion home.Ramjit, a labourer employed at the Albion Estate,http://www.cheapcustomjerseys.us.com/NHL/Custom-Pittsburgh-Penguins/, his wife Swarswattie Shivraj,Jordan Rossiter Liverpool Jersey UK, her 22- year- old sister Tricia Shivbaksh and the couple’s three children were the victims.According to Shivraj, she and her sister along with her daughter, Sarah, were downstairs in front of the kitchen door at the time when the men entered from the backyard gate.The men were said to be armed with “a long gun,Tony Esposito Jersey, a short gun and a cutlass.”Their faces were concealed with handkerchiefs which they wore as well as hats.One of the men reportedly during the ordeal mentioned to Tricia Shivbaksh,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, “not to make any sound” and he and the others ran into the kitchen.“He tell me to let me take out everything that me gat or he go gone with Sarah (her daughter)”, Shivraj said.“Me give them me bangle and two finger rings and them start to slap me and tell me to let me give them more and me tell them that me ain’t got more.”During this attack, one of the other bandits kept hitting Tricia Shivbaksh. The men then demanded that Shivraj take them upstairs “and me tell me husband (who was upstairs and in the house) to let him open the door, or the man would shoot me…Me beg he to open the door but he didn’t since he was scared for his life so them kick down the door.”She added that the men continued to slap her in the house “and telling me to get all them things and me still stand up in the hall and them take the cutlass and lash me husband in his head and on his hands too as well as his legs.”The men then ransacked her sister’s bedroom and took four bangles, one chain, another diamond chain, two diamond rings,Allen Iverson Team USA Jersey, and three cell phones, and $5,000 in cash that was in a cabinet.It was at this time that a neighbour, Mr Boodhoo, who is a licensed firearm holder,Chris Kunitz Penguins Jersey, fired shots in the air and scared the men away.They escaped along the same route which they arrived and disappeared in the neighbouring cane fields.Police from the Albion Police Station arrived within five minutes but the men had already left.Ramjit visited the Port Mourant Hospital to tend to his injuries as a result of the cutlass used by the men.Police visited the family on Wednesday and took statements. They also took statements from the man who fired the shots to scare the bandits off.