The police are continuing the hunt for two bandits who managed to escape a robbery scene, leaving their wounded cohort behind. The wounded bandit has begun to name his cohorts,Jonathan Allen Jersey, who have been identified as Kevin Sandy andWounded suspect: Brian DhanphatTroyden Trellis. They remain at large.The bandit was cornered in the home of a businessman whom,Joe Blanton Jersey, he and two other thieves had gone to rob around 01:20hrs on Thursday at Nursville, New Amsterdam,Rick Wild Indians Jersey, Berbice.The bandits had invaded the home of businessman, Nicholas Harrinandan, 38, owner of JN Supermarket and his wife,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Uwattie Harrinandan, a teacher of Lot22/23 Nurseville Housing Scheme, Tucber Park, New Amsterdam,.The wounded thief who was identified as Brian Dhanphat, 26, is a known character of Smythfield, New Amsterdam, Berbice.  Apart from naming the other two known characters that were on the thieving mission with him. He also told those around that he was kidnapped and taken to rob the business premises.Three bandits had broken and entered the home of the businessman. The thieves were armed with a shotgun and cutlass.According to information, Harrinandan was lying on the ground in his living room, when he was awoken by an unusual sound. He was confronted by the three suspects who dealt him several chops about his head andThe New Amsterdam home that came under attack.face..The businessman, however, had reportedly armed himself with a cutlass and managed to chop Dhanphat to his head, face,David Desharnais Canadiens Jersey, hand and foot. The bandits who got trapped behind a wall divider fell to the ground screaming for help.Harrinandan’s wife was reportedly asleep when the bandits attacked her husband.  The woman upon realizing what was happening went to her husband’s assistance and reportedly began throwing objects at the bandits while her husband battled with the injured one who was armed with the cutlass.The two other bandits subsequently fled,Michael Jordan Jersey, in their haste leaving the shot gun behind. The bandits reportedly entered the house via the verandah. After the man reportedly heard the commotion and realized he was being attacked, he armed himself with the cutlass and confronted the bandits.It was also reported that after realizing that there were thieves around the man took off the light of the house. The two other bandits realizing that they were getting serious resistance aborted their mission and escaped by different routes.Both the wounded Harrinandan and the injured bandit Dhanphat were taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital. Harrinandan was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further treatment.The couple was robbed of a cell phone. Whilst at the hospital the missing cell phone (was found in Dhanpat’s left pants pocket. The victim identified the said cellular phone.Dhanphat remains under guard in the New Amsterdam hospital.